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Published in Human Resource Management Review 17:4 (December 2007; special issue on “The Future of Leadership Development”), pp. 355–359; doi:10.1016/j.hrmr.2007.08.006 Copyright © 2007 Elsevier Inc. Used by permission.


Leadership and, consequently, leadership development have taken on far greater import in recent times. As organizations have steadily progressed into the knowledge economy we can no longer rely on simple notions of top–down, command-and-control leadership, based on the idea that workers are merely interchangeable drones. Accordingly, in this special issue you will find seven articles that provide a glimpse over the horizon, so to speak, of leadership development: Together the authors provide a rich research roadmap and a practical set of options for leadership development professionals regarding the next important steps for leadership development, which will carry us well into the 21st Century.