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Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council 10:2, Fall/Winter 2009


Copyright 2009 by the National Collegiate Honors Council


Honors in the Electronic Age George Mariz 17

Postmodern Prometheans: Academic Libraries, Information Technologies, and the Cut-and-Paste Aesthetic Emily Walshe 23

Immigrant Song: A Cautionary Note about Technology and Honors Richard Badenhausen 29

Digital Deliberations Stephen A. Yoder 35

It’s the Pedagogy, Stupid Richard Ira Scott and Donna Bowman 41

Building a Better Honors Learning Community through Technology Melissa L. Johnson 45

Action, Connection, Communication: The Honors Classroom in the Digital Age Frances A. Kelleher and Susan Swartzlander 49

Implementing Wikis in Honors Courses Philip L. Frana 53

Using Flickr to Connect a Multi-Campus Honors Community Laura A. Guertin and Courtney L. Young 57

Clickin’ in the Honors Classroom: Using Audience Response Systems to Facilitate Discussion and Decision-Making Deborah Gentry 61

Making Connections: Technology and Interaction in an Honors Classroom John J. Doherty and Kevin Ketchner 65

IM Riff on the IT Overload Debra K. Holman 69