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Fall 2017


Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council , Vol. 18, No. 2 (Fall/Winter 2017)

ISBN 978-0-9911351-7-2

ISSN 1559-0151


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Editor’s Introduction Ada Long

Open Forum Essays

Teaching an Honors Seminar on #BlackLivesMatter in East Texas — Ervin Malakaj, Jeffrey L. Littlejohn, Kimberly Bell, Patrick J. Lewis, and Julia D. May

Helping with the “How”: A Role for Honors in Civic Education — Craig Kaplowitz

A Part Of… or Apart From: A Reflection from South Africa — Ken Mulliken

Mental Health Needs in the Honors Community: Beyond Good Intentions — Maureen Kelleher

Research Essays

Aided by Adderall: Illicit Use of ADHD Medications by College Students — Amber D. Rolland and Patricia J. Smith

Honors Student Thriving: A Model of Academic, Psychological, and Social Wellbeing — Amanda Cuevas, Laurie A. Schreiner, Young Kim, and Jennifer Bloom

Transformative Learning: Lessons from First-Semester Honors Narratives — Kyler Knapp, Phame Camarena, and Holly Moore

Two Neglected Features of Honors Advising — Jeffrey P. Hause

Effects of Outdoor Orientation Program Participation on Honors Completion — Joanna Gonsalves

How the Implementation of Honors Sections Affects the Academic Performance of Non-Honors Students — Art L. Spisak, Sam Van Horne, and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Stimulating the Diffusion of Innovations in Honors Education: Three Factors — Inge Otto and Chris de Kruif

Moving from Forecast to Prediction: How Honors Programs Can Use Easily Accessible Predictive Analytics to Improve Enrollment Management — Joseph A. Cazier, Leslie Sargent Jones, Jennifer McGee, Mark Jacobs, Daniel Paprocki, and Rachel A. Sledge

Institutional Variability in Honors Admissions Standards, Program Support Structures, and Student Characteristics, Persistence, and Program Completion — Andrew J. Cognard-Black, Patricia J. Smith, and April L. Dove

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