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Spring 2020


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Call for Papers . v

Editorial Policy, Deadlines, and Submission Guidelines . vi

Dedication to Rae Rosenthal . vii

Editor’s Introduction ix — Ada Long

Forum essays on “The Professionalization of Honors”

The Professionalization of Honors Education 3 — Patricia J. Smith

Honors, Professionalism, and Teaching and Learning: A Response to Certification 19 — John Zubizarreta

The Body of Honors: Certification as an Expression of Disciplinary Power 25 — Richard Badenhausen

A Requiem for Certification, A Song of Honors 33 — Jeffrey A. Portnoy

Swan Song 45 — Joan Digby

A Different Kind of Agitation . 51 — Jayda Coons

Honors in Practice (Theory):A Bourdieusian Perspective on the Professionalization of Honors 57 — K. Patrick Fazioli

Research essays

The Current Status, Perceptions, and Impact of Honors Program Review 67 — Rebecca Rook

Owning Honors: Outcomes for a Student Leadership Culture 103 — Adam Watkins

The Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council: A Bibliometric Study 125 — Emily Walshe

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