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JNCHC: Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Vol. 21, No. 2 | Fall/Winter 2020

ISBN 978-1-945001-10-9

ISSN 1559-0151


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Call for Papers

Editorial Policy, Deadlines, and Submission Guidelines

Dedication to William “Rusty” Rushton

Editor’s Introduction • Ada Long

Forum essays on “big hearts, big minds”

Teaching from the Heart • Suketu P. Bhavsar

Teaching as a Whole • Mollie Hartup

On the Value of Being in the Moment in Honors Education • Lisa L. Coleman and Anne Dotter

Putting the “Human” into the Humanities • Annmarie Guzy

Infusing Critically Reflexive Service Learning into Honors • Lauren Collins and Michaela Niva

Into the Storm • Robert Gill

The Danger Room • Laura Dickinson

Research essays

Claiming Debate’s Value for Honors Student Learning • Megan Snider Bailey

Using Possible Selves and Intersectionality Theory to Understand Why Students of Color Opt Out of Honors • Cindy S. Ticknor, Andrea Dawn Frazier, Johniqua Williams, and Maryah Thompson

Student Perception and Affinity: Establishment of an Institutional Framework for the Examination of

Underrepresented Programs Such as Agriculture in Honors • Kayla L. Kutzke, Rosemarie A. Nold, Michael G. Gonda, Alecia M. Hansen, and Rebecca C. Bott-Knutson

About the Authors

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