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Fall 2021


Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, 2021, 22(2):37–44


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This essay considers various challenges to honors educational practice in a post-pandemic context and against the backdrop of Black Lives Matter. The City as Text™ course, Multicultural Toledo, cultivates student knowledge about intersectionality in light of public health and social justice emergencies in the United States. The author describes course content, curricular objectives, and teaching strategies toward helping students understand the dynamic interplay (intersection and interaction) of ableism, sexism, elitism, homophobia, and racism relative to the accession and acquisition of land. The course espouses a post-pandemic vision: an intersectional lens that fosters knowledge about power relationships and diverse lived experiences in order to lead change and create movement on some of our nation’s most pressing social issues. Moreover, the collaboration between honors students and an urban farming community connects underrepresented children in local neighborhoods with the collegiate honors experience.