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Spring 3-15-2021

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Bescansa Luers, F. (2021) Food Sourcing and the Relationship to Height of 6th-7th Graders in Ethiopia and Zambia. UNL Digital Commons.


Copyright (c) 2021 Flora Bescansa Luers


Introduction: Zambia and Ethiopia are Sub-Saharan African countries experiencing high rates of malnutrition and stunting. This study examines food sourcing and its relationship to stunting.

Methods: Anthropometric assessment and food frequency-sourcing interviews were taken for 488 6th-7th graders in Livingstone, Zambia and Hawassa, Ethiopia. Data were analyzed using ANOVA.

Results: Most students sourced food from local markets and home gardens; however Zambian students used a greater variety of sources. Those sourcing from home gardens were significantly taller.

Discussion: Home gardening provides economic and health benefits, as well as food security. A focus on preservation and use of indigenous species is essential in increasing food and nutrition security and local biodiversity.

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