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Published in the Murrelet (May-August 1961) 42(2): 22-24. Copyright 1961, the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology. Used by permission.


Maps showing the geographic range of the collared pika, Ochotona collaris (Nelson), have been published recently by Hall (1951) and by Hall and Kelson (1959). According to these, this mammal occurs in the mountains between the Tanana and Yukon Rivers, and in the Alaska Range as far west as Mt. McKinley. A specimen from the summit of the Chugach Mountains (Baker, 1951) was not included on the aforementioned maps. Osgood (1904) referred to two specimens collected by C. L. McKay in the Chogmit Mountains, east of Lake Clark at the base of the Alaska Peninsula, and also mentioned a sight record for Keejik Mountain by Lake Clark.

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