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The Journal of Positive Psychology, 2014


US government work.


The US Army launched the Global Assessment Tool (GAT) – a 105-item psychometric instrument taken by approximately one million soldiers annually – in October, 2009 in support of a population-wide resilience development initiative known as the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2) program. The lead developer of the GAT was Chris Peterson, and his work on this project – along with that of Nansook Park and Colonel Carl Castro – will likely leave an important and indelible mark on not only the Army, but also the field of military psychology. In this paper, we provide more detail on the history and components of the GAT. In addition, we demonstrate the practical utility of the GAT by showing that high-performing soldiers (soldiers who attained Ranger status) have relatively high GAT scores, and that soldiers with behavioral problems generally evidence low GAT scores. We conclude by discussing future directions of GAT methodology and usage in support of research.