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Published by American Institute of Physics. J. Applied Physics 100, 033903 2006. ©2006 American Institute of Physics. Permission to use.


We report on the magnetic properties of epitaxial La0.7Ba0.3MnO3 and La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 films on Si (100) and Si (111) substrates using SrTiO3 template layer, which demonstrate magnetic and electrical properties at and above room temperature. The magnetization data show magnetic transition and magnetic hysteresis at and above room temperature. The films show well-defined magnetic domains. The ferromagnetic resonance studies show anisotropic effects related to ferromagnetic properties of films. The smaller grain size of about 20 nm in manganite films on SrTiO3 /Si may be one of the reasons to minimize the strain effect through strain relaxation at the interface between SrTiO3and manganites through the formation of three-dimensional islands.

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