People of Color in Predominantly White Institutions


Date of this Version

November 2005


This is an interactive presentation of a husband and wife team in which results of a methodological triangulation study that compares and contrasts ethnic minority faculty at both predominantly white and predominately ethnic minority institutions on bicultural and occupational stress are discussed. The investigator-generated, Bicultural System’s Conceptual Model, is used to interpret results and derive strategies for achieving a climate more conducive to optimal engagement of all faculty. Seven themes emerge from this study: Appraising, Proving, Fitting-In, Defending, Distancing, Being Invisible, and Mentoring are discussed in light of coping strategies used by ethnic minorities in bicultural settings. Understanding these behaviors is deemed as essential to creation of a positive multicultural work environment. The presentation is designed to evoke discussion which informs of existing strategies used by all faculty. In addition, perceptions of inclusiveness of ethnic faculty in predominantly white institutions will be explored.