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Hastings, Lindsay J. "Using Comparative Rating Analysis and Mixed-Method Degree-Of-Change Ratings to Evaluate Graduate-Level Instruction in Leadership Development: ALEC 802 Developing Leadership Capacity in Organizations and Communities" (2020). UNL Faculty Portfolios, 151.


ALEC 802 Developing Leadership Capacity in Organizations and Communities prepares graduate students in leadership studies to become highly skilled at analyzing human systems using leadership as a frame and designing training and development solutions to help those human systems run more effectively. ALEC 802 utilizes a three-tiered case study approach as the primary evaluation mechanism of student proficiency as a professional leadership development specialist. Each case study tier builds upon the previous and offers a gradual reduction in supporting infrastructure. This course portfolio utilized a comparative rating analysis of each case study assignment by learning objective as well as a mixed-method final reflection analysis. The comparative rating analysis revealed important nuanced areas of needed clarification and refinement to assignment instructions and rubrics. The mixed-method final reflection analysis involved pictorial degree-of-change ratings as well as open-ended questions, revealing trending patterns across each learning objectives as well as an opportunity to match trending patterns with contributing course activities.