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Hamann, E. T. & Zúñiga, V. (2021). What educators in Mexico and in the United States need to know and acknowledge to attend to the educational needs of transnational students. In P. Gándara & B. Jensen (Eds.), The Students We Share: Preparing US and Mexican Educators for Our Transnational Future (pp. 99-117). Albany, NY: SUNY Press.


This chapter from the edited volume "The Students We Share" explains to both US and Mexican audiences that a persistent number and proportion of K-12 students continue to circulate between both countries and thus that it is a challenge for both countries' education systems—including teacher preparation, curriculum, assessment, etc.—to see how students' knowledge and experience from the other system is both salient to their new schooling in a new country and valuable for how it will contribute to their future means for negotiating adulthood.