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The idea of restrictive and regimented female beauty standards is certainly not a new concept, but rarely are the repetitive, destructive, and exploitive aspects analyzed in a cinematic setting. This realization sparked the idea for Palinoia: a three minute and thirty-four second film dedicated to the artistic exploration of this very topic. Starting with the title itself, “palinoia” is defined as the obsessive or compulsive repetition of an action until it is mastered or perfect – a rather accurate statement when looked at in the context of female actions in response to societal beauty standards and expectations. This definition ultimately drove the direction of this short film, with the piece dedicated to visually and atmospherically depicting the repetition of these societal driven actions as well as the frustration and mental decline that comes along with them. The artistic focus of the film was shifted from a typical fixation on a narrative to an emphasis on a more abstracted and experimental piece which allowed for flexibility in the style utilized as well as impacting the overall message in a positive manner.