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Each and Every Minute

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Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, Vol. I, p 20.


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This film started as an assignment of creating a film using a piece of non-diegetic sound. Initially I had a completely different song, as well as a completely different story planned out for the video. However, on the day I had scheduled to start filming I came across ab interview with Henri Cartier-Bresson while doing an assignment for another class. I was so immediately drawn to his words that only a couple hours before shooting I decided to throw out my original plan and come up with a brand new concept using a few segments of the interview as my basis.

Going into shooting I knew for certain a few locations that I wanted to use, but beyond that most of the scenes were improvised. With my camera I followed around my two actors, who at the time where an actual couple, and filmed them in a pseudo-documentary style. Most of the direction in the film was incredibly loose with general instructions like ‘walk over this bridge’ or ‘sit on this bench’. Many of the clips that made it into the final film were ones where the camera was just rolling and no directions were given at all. Visually the film took inspiration from movies like Spike Jonze’s Her, where the camera sits intimately close and the story is told primarily through close-ups. Without the use of diegetic sound, the emotions of the characters needed to be conveyed through body language and facial expressions and having the camera so close allowed that to happen in a more effective way.

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