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Faanes, Craig A., and Robert E. Stewart. 1982. Revised checklist of North Dakota birds. The Prairie Naturalist 14(3):81-92. Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. (Version 16JUL97).


This current list includes 365 species of which 353 are considered valid and 12 are hypothetical. A breakdown of this list includes 207 species that nest or have nested, 95 that occur as migrants, 28 accidental, 21 occasional, 2 extirpated, and 1 extinct species. Species that have nested at least once in the State are indicated with an asterisk (*) in the list. An additional 16 species that are either summer residents, casual, or primarily migrants are considered to be inferred nesting species, based on observations of territorial behavior in the proper habitat during normal breeding periods. These species are indicated by (i) before their name in the list. Including those with inferred breeding status, at least 223 species can now be considered components of the breeding avifauna of North Dakota.