Parasitology, Harold W. Manter Laboratory of


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Published by Nebraska State Board of Agriculture.


In the report of last year was given a full summary of the present state of our knowledge concerning the parasites of man and the domestic animals. It is the intention of the following pages to review the parasitic fauna of the state of Nebraska so far as it is definitely determined, and also to include a list of some species reported but not accurately identified. The second section of this report presents a brief description of some important parasites not included in the group of worms, and hence not mentioned in last year's report. I shall omit all parasites, both internal and external, which are found in the group of insects, since these belong properly to the Entomologist of the Board, and are being discussed by Professor Bruner in another part of this volume. There remains, then, for consideration the group of microscopic parasites, the Protozoa, and the peculiar family of the Linguatulidae. The third section of the report will include a brief account of some of the most important parasites of domestic birds which were not mentioned last year. It is my intention at some later time to give a full account of the parasites peculiar to this important group of farm animals. But the species described here are so peculiarly important that they demand immediate attention.