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Published by Nebraska State Medical Society.


Somewhat more than a year ago a tapeworm was sent me which at first sight appeared decidedly unlike either Taenia saginata or Taenia solium. It showed the slender form and more delicate appearance of the latter, but was in length of segments even decidedly larger than the former species. Some notes were made at the time, and then, on account of pressure in other directions, laid aside to await opportunity for further study. This winter I received a second specimen which at once recalled the first, and on comparison was seen to be identical with it. A series of measurements was made from the entire length of the specimen, and comparison with those given for the familiar species in Leuckart * strengthened the belief that this was an unknown form of the genus. One of my students is at present engaged in a detailed description of this specimen, and closer study shows beyond question the specific rank of the form. It seems proper, however, that, in advance of this detailed study, some general description of the form should be published, in order to call attention to the existence, in this region at least, of a species hitherto unknown or confused with one of the familiar species. We are especially desirous of obtaining more material, and take this occasion to beg that specimens of tapeworm be sent from all regions for identification and study. The University will gladly pay the cost of transportation on such material.