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Published by The Veterinary Magazine (May 1894).


Last June a piece of the lung of a cat was brought me for examination, as it contained some foreign bodies which were unknown to the finder. A cursory examination showed them to be Distomidae, and more careful study seemed to confirm the first impression that, in spite of a few slight differences, they were specimens of the Asiatic Distoma westermanni. Being somewhat in doubt and not having the literature at hand, I sent several to Dr. C. W. Stiles, helminthologist of the Bureau of Animal Industry at Washington, D. C., who wrote that there was no doubt in his mind of the identity of the two. For his kindness in this and in sending me the synonymy of the species, I desire to express to him my sincere thanks. I am likewise much indebted to Mr. W. A. Kickland, assistant in the Zoological Laboratory of the University of Michigan, for his kindness in turning over to me the specimens which he found.