Parasitology, Harold W. Manter Laboratory of


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Published by Report for 1894 Nebraska State Board of Agriculture. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1895.


This article has been written for the general information of those engaged either on a large or on a small scale in stock raising in our own state particularly, and, while not intended to be a complete treatise on the subject, it includes references to those parasites which seem to be the most important or most likely to be found within our borders. The parasites of cattle, sheep, horse, hog, dog, cat, and man, which have many species in common, form the subject of this paper. The parasites of domestic fowl are, however, quite different from those considered here and are omitted in the expectation that it may be possible soon to treat them in a special article.

All scientific work at present is recorded in the metric system, and the amount of labor necessary to reduce the measurements given in various books of reference to the English system was so great that it seemed best to reproduce the measurements here in metric units and add a table by which those who wished could change them when necessary. The growing use of the metric system in our own country and the ease in manipulation afforded by it arouse the hope that it may soon be the prevalent system even outside of scientific circles.