International Sorghum and Millet Collaborative Research Support Program (INTSORMIL CRSP)


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International News (January-February 2009)


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After the close of the meeting where the farmers learned about the potential of being a collaborator in the Production-Marketing Project in 2009, INTSORMIL PI John Sanders shows women sorghum farmers from Diankounte Camara village in western Mali photos of the lush sorghum plots taken in 2008 project sites in eastern Mali. After learning about the potential of the project all farmers expressed their enthusiasm to be collaborators in 2009. Their major concern was that only 75 farmers in the Diankounte Camara village could be involved due to funding limitations. As collaborators, the Diankounte Camara women expect to be able to provide more food and income for their families.

In December 2008, the "Sorghum, Millet and Other Grains Collaborative Research Support Program" (INTSORMIL) received a $5 million four year award "Transfer of Sorghum, Millet Production, Processing and Marketing Technologies in Mali" from the USAID Mali Mission, West Africa. The project is designed to rapidly move sorghum and millet production technologies onto farmers' fields, link farmers' organizations to food and feed processors and commercialize processing technologies so as to enhance markets. In year 1 the award has allowed INTSORMIL to significantly increase its impact in Mali by (1) expanding to new sites, (2) upscaling the research and (3) upscaling the technology transfer component.