This volume is the fruit of a longstanding collaboration in the field of textile terminologies. Since 2005, Cécile Michel and Marie-Louise Nosch have collaborated on numerous academic activities – joint teaching, lectures at conferences, experimental workshops, co-publishing and co-editing. The second conference on textile terminology was held in June 2014 at the University of Copenhagen. Around 50 experts from the fields of Ancient History, Indo-European Studies, Semitic Philology, Assyriology, Classical Archaeology, and Terminology from twelve different countries came together at the Centre for Textile Research, to discuss textile terminology, semantic fields of clothing and technology, loan words, and developments of textile terms in Antiquity.

The present volume has been prepared within the frame of an international cooperation, the Groupement de Recherche International ATOM = Ancient Textiles from the Orient to the Mediterranean (2015- 2018) which involves several research institutions and universities in France, Denmark and the United Kingdom. ATOM aims to define both the impact of textile production on agriculture, husbandry and the environment, its role in handicrafts, in trade, and, more generally, in the ancient economy, but also the uses of clothing in the construction of gender and individual and collective identities.