I. Introduction and Background … A. Proposed Plans for Equalization … B. The National Scope of Reorganization … C. Reorganization in Nebraska: Institutions and Procedures … D. Legislative Bases: Success and Failure

II. The Substance and Goals of Reorganization … A. Effectuation of Reorganization: Approach and Presentation … B. Effectuation of Redistricting: Pains and Penalties

III. The Dynamics of School District Reorganization—Proponents … A. Reorganization: Political Parties … B. Official Proponents of Reorganization … C. Reorganization: Administrative Agencies … D. Reorganization: Pressure Groups

IV. The Dynamics of School District Reorganization—Opponents … A. Organized Opposition … B. Major Objections to Reorganization … C. Additional Opposition Viewpoints

V. Conclusions … A. School District Problems and State Educational Policy … B. The Administrative Aspect of a Reorganized School District … C. School Reorganization: The Opposition … D. A Final Analysis

Table I. The Number of School Districts in Nebraska for Selected Years 1870–1957

Table II. A Quantitative Comparison of Academic and Elective (Vocational and Recreational) Course Offerings in Twenty-five Rural Nebraska High Schools—With an Appropriate Analysis