I. Introduction

II. The Goals of the Law and How They Are Pursued … A. Social Control … B. The Aims of Social Control … C. Achieving These Goals

III. Law-Making in the Area of Business Torts … A. Free Enterprise—A Basic Assumption … B. The Right to Pursue a Profit

IV. Balancing Interests in Typical Business Tort Cases

V. Reflections of the Process of Balancing Interests … A. Privilege … B. Abuse of Privilege

VI. Trademark and Trade Name Cases … A. Terminology Used … B. Principal Interests in Trademark and Trade Name Cases

VII. The Trade Secret Cases

VIII. Business Torts Based on Statute … A. Infringement of Patents … B. Infringements of Copyrights … C. Business Torts Based on Violations of the Antitrust Laws

IX. Conclusion