This translation of a Japanese study of an American scholar’s work in Experimental Jurisprudence is perhaps best introduced in the words of the Japan Reading Newspaper review of February 29, 1960: “Shin Oikawa . . . tries to absorb Beutel’s study which is, among the recent fruits of American Jurisprudence, inclined toward legal realism, and he does so from the standpoint of a specialist in sociology of law in Japan. Considering the present condition of Japanese Jurisprudence, it is important to realize the necessity that such an article be read by many people. Conclusively, his article has important significance.” Professor Oikawa’s article is presented as an interesting supplement, from another part of the world, to an American venture in law and social science.

I. Historical and Social Background of Experimental Jurisprudence as a Branch of Sociology of Law in America

II. Beutel’s Scientific Method of Jurisprudence

III. The Solution of Some Legal Problems by Application of the Method of Experimental Jurisprudence

IV. Critical Analysis of Beutel’s Experimental Jurisprudence from the Standpoint of Japanese Sociology of Law