There has been growing interest in the field of obscenity and its regulation, and these two comments discuss some recent problems in the areas of obscene publications and motion pictures. The first discusses local problems in regulation of publication and sale of obscene materials, and analyzes our present state laws, two local ordinances, and recent Nebraska Supreme Court decisions. The second discusses current problems of motion picture censorship and includes a historical review of the development of modern screen censorship.

Obscene Publication Prohibition

I. Introduction

II. The Purpose of Legislation

III. The Federal Test for Obscenity

IV. The Roth Test in Nebraska

V. Scienter and Due Process of Law

VI. The City of Lincoln Ordinance

VII. Nebraska State Laws

VIII. Conclusion

Motion Picture Censorship

I. Introduction

II. Motion Pictures under the First and Fourteenth Amendments

III. The Times Case

IV. Conclusion