I. Introduction

II. The Wong Sun Facts

III. Unlawful Arrest … A. Generally … B. Toy’s Arrest—Probably Cause and the Fourth Amendment … (1) Generally … (2) Searches incident to lawful arrest—Rule of Rabinowitz … (3) The Reliability Rule and Draper v. United States … (4) Toy’s flight—Miller v. United States … (5) Unlawful Collateral Purpose Rule … (6) Fungibility of Probable Cause—Court Restrictions—Factors

IV. Fruits Doctrine … A. Applicability of the Fruits Doctrine to Intangible Evidence … B. Collateral Considerations … C. Silverthorne Problems in Connection with Wong Sun’s Arrest

V. Wong Sun, Corpus Delicti and Evidence Questions

VI. Wong Sun’s Application to the States: Some General Considerations

VII. The Scope and Extent of the McNabb-Mallory Rule … A. Constitutional Points

[VIII]. Wong Sun, McNabb-Mallory, and Due Process of Law

[IX]. Wong Sun and the Right to Counsel

[X]. Wong Sun, Wire Tapping, and Related Investigative Techniques

[XI]. Wong Sun, the Fifth Amendment, and Dual Sovereignty Doctrine

[XII]. Conclusion