During March of 1969, the Nebraska Law Review accepted a grant from the American Bar Foundation to fund a survey of legal services for the poor in civil matters in the State of Nebraska. This report is the culmination of that survey and was prepared with a threefold purpose: (1) to present the data generated by the survey, (2) to serve as a planning guide for the Nebraska State Bar Association, and (3) to document the procedures used in conducting the survey to assist subsequent studies of a similar nature. To fulfill these objectives, the report is organized as follows:

I. Background … A. Purposes … B. Method and Theory … C. Conduct of Survey

II. Data … A. Questionnaire Responses … B. Personal Questionnaires … C. Official Questionnaires … D. Comments on Results

III. Evaluation of Existing Legal Services … A. Description and Analysis of Services … B. Considerations in the Establishment of Legal Aid Programs

IV. Conclusion … A. Existing Problems and Potential Remedies … B. Recommendations