An indigent, even though he may have suffered the most grievous injuries and have the most obvious right to redress for his injuries, may not be able to enter the court system. Even when an indigent can find an attorney to handle the case, the filing fee and the service of process fee often stand as insurmountable barriers which effectively bar the indigent from the court room. This, however, is no longer the plight of the indigent in Nebraska due to the recent passage of a comprehensive in forma pauperis statute. The passage of this in forma pauperis statute was prompted in part by the recent expansion of constitutional in forma pauperis. An understanding of constitutional in forma pauperis is therefore essential for an understanding of the Nebraska statute.

I. Introduction

II. Background

III. Boddie v. Connecticut … A. Civil Cases … B. Indigency … C. Costs

IV. Nebraska’s In Forma Pauperis Statute … Legislative Bill 1120

V. Conclusion