Nebraska Law Review takes pride in presenting the fourth annual Supreme Court Review. This section is devoted to analyses of recent Nebraska decisions of first impression or landmark rulings which substantially alter a particular area of case law in Nebraska. This section is devoted to the practitioner and intended to provide attorneys with a comprehensive study of selected case holdings and an analysis of how these decisions relate to previous Nebraska decisions and the case law of other jurisdictions. These cases discussed here were decided in the September term 1970 and the January term 1971. This section does not include those cases which are or may become the subjects of individual casenotes. Thus all recent important decisions are not contained herein.

I. Constitutional Law … A. Constitutionality of Nonresident Tuition Statute

II. Criminal Law … A. Coerced Consent and Standing to Challenge Search … 1. Consent … 2. Standing … B. Photographic Identification … C. Probable Cause … D. Withdrawal of Guilty Plea … 1. The Facts in Johnson … 2. The Nebraska Approach to Withdrawal of Guilty Pleas … 3. The Federal Approach … 4. The ABA Approach … 5. Comparison of Various Approaches

III. Property … A. Restraint on Alienation

IV. Secured Interests … A. Waiver of Security Interest

V. Torts … A. Strict Liability … 1. History of Products Liability … 2. Products Liability Cases in Nebraska … 3. Strict Liability