Rule 601: General Rule of Competency

Rule 602: Lack of Personal Knowledge

Rule 603: Oath or Affirmation

Rule 604: Interpreters

Rule 605: Competency of Judge as Witness

Rule 606: Competency of Juror as Witness … (a) At the Trial … (b) Inquiry into Validity of Verdict or Indictment

Rule 607: Who May Impeach

Rule 608: Evidence of Character and Conduct of Witness … (a) Opinion and Reputation Evidence of Character … (b) Specific Instances of Conduct

Rule 609: Impeachment by Evidence of Conviction of Crime … (a) General Rule … (b) Time Limit … (e) Pendency of Appeal

Rule 610: Religious Beliefs of Opinions

Rule 611: Mode and Order of Interrogation and Presentation … (a) Control by Judge … (b) Scope of Cross-Examination … (c) Leading Questions

Rule 612: Writing Used to Refresh Memory

Rule 613: Prior Statements of Witnesses … (a) Examining Witness Concerning Prior Statement

Rule 614: Calling and Interrogation of Witnesses by Judge

Rule 615: Exclusion of Witnesses