I. Introduction

II. The Initiative’s Potential Contribution to the Political Structure of the Federal Government … A. Democratic Theory and the Federal Government ... B. The Unrepresentative Tendencies of the Federal Government ... 1. Public Opinion ... 2. The Effect of Organized Interest Lobbying ... 3. The Legislative Process in Operation ... 4. Congress: The Electoral Connection ... 5. The Nature of Congressional Unrepresentativeness ... C. The Potential Role of a National Initiative Process

III. The Experience in the States ... A. An Examination of the Results of Ballot Measures ... B. The American Voter Revisited ... C. The Effect of Campaign Expenditures on Initiative Elections ... D. From the State to the Federal Level—A Note of Caution

IV. Senate Joint Resolution 67—Some Suggestions

V. A Concluding Thought

Appendix: Senate Joint Resolution 67