I. Introduction

II. The Faretta Decision

III. Procedural Issues Affecting the Right to a Pro Se Defense … A. Notice of the Right … B. Retroactivity .. C. Time and Manner of Asserting the Right … D. Termination of the Pro Se Status

IV. Defining the Right of Self-Representation through Resolution of Substantive Issues … A. What Constitutes a “Knowing and Intelligent” Waiver of the Right to Counsel … B. Procedural Rules and the Public Interest in a Fair Trial … C. Standby or Advisory Counsel … D. Right to Co-Counsel Status … E. Time to Prepare and Library Access … F. A Constitutional Right to Commit Suicide? … G. The Shackled Defendant … H. Effect of Wrongful Denial … I. Subsequent Claim of Ineffective Counsel

V. Extensions of Faretta

VI. Conclusion