I. Investment Credit

II. Partnership Investment Credit … A. Distributive Shares of Credit … B. Leasing Section 38 Property … C. Partnership Dispositions of Section 38 Property

III. Contribution of Section 38 Property to a Partnership

IV. Particular Property and Partnership Interest Transactions … A. Sales of Section 38 Property among Partners and Partnerships … B. Sale or Other Reduction of Partnership Interest … C. Lease of Section 38 Property between Partner and Partnership … D. Distribution to Partners of Section 38 Property … E. Contribution of Partnership Property to a Corporation … F. Contribution of Partnership Interests to a Corporation … G. Contribution of Partnership Interest to Another Partnership … H. Distribution of Partnership Interests by a Corporation or Another Partnership … I. Death of a Partner … J. Like-Kind Exchange of Partnership Interests … K. Constructive Termination of the Partnership under Section 708(b)(1)(B)

V. Conclusion