This article traces the development of Nebraska and federal water development policies with special reference to the appropriateness of publicly subsidized rescue projects to cope with ground water depletion.

I. Introduction

II. Development of State and Federal Water Development Policies ... A. Appropriation and Reclamation: 1867–1929 ... B. Drought, Depression, and Ground Water Development: 1930–1967

III. The Environmental Revolution and the "New Federalism": 1968–1986 ... A. Wild and Scenic Rivers Act ... B. National Environmental Policy Act ... C. Section 404 Dredge and Fill Permits ... D. Endangered Species Act ... E. Water Policies for the Future ... F. Ground Water Management: Regulations and Rescue Projects ... G. Nebraska Endangered Species Act ... H. Federal and State Water Project Funding

IV. Little Blue ... A. Little Blue I ... B. Little Blue II

V. LB 1106 ... A. The Water Independence Congress ... B. The Governor's Bill ... C. The Committee's Bill ... D. LB 1106

VI. New Directions in Nebraska Water Policy? ... A. Director of Natural Resources: Gubernatorial Involvement in Water Policy Making ... B. Water Management Board: Accommodating Competing Projects and Values ... C. Water Management Fund: Financing Water Development ... D. Instream Flows and Endangered Species ... E. Ground Water Management v. Rescue Projects