I. Introduction

II. Background: Interstate Compacts Generally

III. Origin of the ICPC: Identification of Problems in Interstate Adoption

IV. Purpose and Policy of the ICPC: Article I

V. Summary of Provisions of the ICPC ... A. Article II: Definitions ... B. Article III: Conditions for Placement ... C. Article IV: Penalties ... D. Article V: Jurisdiction ... E. Article VI: Delinquent Children ... F. Article VII: Compact Administrator ... G. Article VIII: Limitations ... H. Article IX: Participation ... I. Article X: Construction and Severability

VI. Administrative Structure and Operation of the ICPC

VII. Barriers to the Effectiveness of the ICPC ... A. ICPC Often Violated Both Unintentionally and Intentionally ... 1. Unintentional Noncompliance ... 2. Noncompliance with the ICPC in Independent Adoptions ... B. Definitional Section Inadequate ... 1. Definition of Sending Agency Is Too Broad ... 2. Sending State Is Not Defined ... 3. Guardian and Non-Agency Guardian Are Not Defined ... 4. Placement Is Not Clearly Defined ... C. Compliance with Child Placement Laws of the Sending State Not Specifically Required ... D. Sanctions for Failure to Comply with ICPC are Inadequate to Discourage Violation

VIII. Recommendations and Conclusions