I. Introduction

II. Part One: Feminist Legal Methods: “Asking the Woman Question,” Feminist Practical Reasoning, and Consciousness-raising ... 1. “Asking the Woman Question” ... 2. Feminist Practical Reasoning and Consciousness-raising

III. Part Two ... 1. Sexual Harassment and the First Amendment ... 2. Application of Feminist Legal Methods: Would a First Amendment Defense to Sexual Harassment Liability Represent the Male Bias of Traditional Legal Methods? ... A. “Asking the Woman Question” ... B. Feminist Practical Reasoning and Consciousness-raising

IV. Part Three: A Critique ... 1. Feminist Legal Methods Fail to Distinguish Bad Bias from Good Bias ... 2. Feminist Legal Methods Lack Crucial Links Necessary to Convince Many Decisionmakers to Employ Them ... 3. Anticipating Feminist Objections

V. Part Four: Suggestions for Improving Feminist Strategies in Law ... 1. Feminists Should Abandon the Belief That Feminist Goals in Law Must Be Obtained Exclusively through Feminist Methods ... 2. Feminists Should Employ Reasoning That Resonates with Decisionmakers

VI. Conclusion