I. Introduction ... A. Statement of Purpose

II. Background ... A. An Overview of Res Ipsa Loquitur: “The Thing Speaks for Itself” ... B. Res Ipsa Loquitur in Nebraska ... C. Negligence in Escaped Animal Cases in Nebraska ... 1. Traill v. Ostermeier: Automobiles Hit the Highways (and Then Some Hogs) ... 2. Countryman v. Ronspies: Cars and Cows Collide in the Courts ... 3. Dizco, Inc. v. Kenton: Cattle Owners Owe Ordinary Care ... 4. Nuclear Corp. of America v. Lang: Nebraska Law in the Federal Courts

III. Analysis: Two Strikes and You’re Out: Woods and Roberts ... A. Woods Ex. Rel. Mitchell v. Shallenberger: The Court of Appeals Takes Strike One ... B. Roberts v. Weber & Son, Co.: The Nebraska Supreme Court and Strike Two ... 1. Facts ... 2. Trial Court ... 3. Court of Appeals ... 4. Supreme Court ... C. How the Court of Appeals Ran Over Res Ipsa ... D. How the Supreme Court Tried to Rope Res Ipsa ... E. The Udder Story: Oregon Shows Where the Middle Ground Lies ... F. Taking the Bull by the Horns …, Why Did the Court Reject the Opportunity in Woods?

IV. Conclusion