I. Introduction

II. Historical Background

III. The United States Supreme Court Decision of Feist Publications, Inc. v. Rural Telephone Service Co.

IV. Protection after Feist

V. The Need for Database Legislation

VI. Proposed Antipiracy Database Legislation ... A. Provisions of the Collections of Information Antipiracy Act, H.R. 354, Section 1402: Prohibition against Misappropriation ... B. Section 1403: Exceptions to the General Prohibition ... C. Section 1404: Exclusions for Government Collections and Computer Programs ... D. Section 1405: The Act's Relationship to Other Laws ... E. Sections 1406 and 1407: Civil and Criminal Remedies for Violations of the Act ... F. Sections 1408 and 1409: Limitations on Actions and Defenses to Claims

VII. Evaluation of the Proposed Collections of Information Antipiracy Act, H.R. 354

VIII. Conclusion