I. Introduction

II. The Need to Regulate

III. First Amendment Concerns … A. Material Posted on the Internet Is Protected Speech … B. Employees’ First Amendment Rights … 1. First Amendment Considerations: Whose Computer Is It Anyway? … C. Students’ First Amendment Rights … D. Fourth Amendment Concerns … 1. Electronic Communications Privacy Act … 2. Common Law Right to Privacy

IV. Potential Liability for Failing to Restrict Access to Internet Pornography … A. Allowing Pornography in the Workplace as Sexual Harassment … B. Suits by Parents for Failure to Protect Their Children … C. Children’s Internet Protection Act

V. Every Good Policy Deserves Definitions … A. Who Can Use the System, and under What Conditions? … B. Clarifying the Distinction between Permitted and Prohibited Use … C. Each Policy Should Contain Enforcement Procedures That Incorporate Principles of Due Process

VI. Conclusion