The "Genesis"

The “Exodus”

Stage 1—Prohibition

Stage 2—Equal Treatment … McLean v. Arkansas Board of EducationAguillard v. Treen

Stage 3—Collateral Attack … 1. Prohibiting the Teaching of Creationism or Creation Science as Interference with the Academic Freedom Rights of Teachers and Students … 2. The Theory of Evolution as a Religious Belief System, Causing Its Teaching to Be a Violation of the First Amendment's Establishment Clause … 3. Free Speech and the Right of a School District to Restrict a Teacher's Ability to Talk to Students about Religion During Duty Hours … 4. Discrimination … a. Title VII and Section 1983 Claims … b. Religious Freedom Restoration Act … 5. Providing Creation Science Supporters Equal time to Present Theories on the Origin of Life to Students … 6. Equal Access to Public Facilities to Present a Program on the Origin of Life … 7. The “Scientific Theory of Evolution Disclaimer” Policy

The Conclusion