I. Introduction

II. Erdös Numbers and the Creation of a Culture of Collaboration … A. Paul Erdös and Erdös Numbers … B. Collaboration and the Mathematical Culture

III. Understanding the Legal Academy’s Individualistic Culture … A. The Hidden Cost of Individualism … B. The Solitary Legal Scholar … C. Collaboration in Other Academic Fields … D. Explaining Differing Rates of Collaboration

IV. Creating a Law School Culture of Collaboration … A. Recognizing the Lost Benefits of Collaboration: Law Faculty … B. Recognizing the Lost Benefits of Collaboration: Law Students … C. Changing the Law School Culture ... D. What the New Culture Might Look Like … 1. Clinics ... 2. Legal Reasoning and Writing Programs ... Collaboration in Other Courses ... 4. Institutional Change

V. Conclusion

Appendix A. Top 50 General Law Reviews

Appendix B. Top 20 Specialized Law Reviews