I. Introduction

II. Ethical Obligations Beyond Resource Limitations

III. The Medical-Legal Gap: History of Disability Claims Adjudication ... A. The Rise and Fall of the Treating Physician Rule … B. The Search for Accuracy and Consistency: Regulatory and Contractual Amendments

IV. The Medical-Legal Gap: Physician Perspectives vs. Legal Requirements ... A. Medical Definitions vs. Legal Definitions ... B. Medical Records: Doctor Goals vs. Legal Documentation Requirements ... C. Evidentiary Standards: The Legal Myth of Medically Objective Evidence ... D. Medical Records Revisited: Medical Follow-up vs. Legal Reviews

V. The Gap Widens: The Rise in Judicial Support of Nontreating Physician Evidence

VI. Closing the Gap: Seeing the Creation of Interdisciplinary Partnerships on Behalf of the Disabled as an Ethical Obligation

VII. Conclusion