I. Introduction

II. Fistful of Love: Understanding Domestic Violence … A. You Knocked the Love (Right Outta My Heart): Explaining Domestic Abuse … B. But Earl Walked Right through That Restraining Order: Legal Responses to Domestic Violence … C. If I Die Young: The Link between Domestic Violence and Homicide

III. Love without Tragedy: The Lautenburg Amendment Attempts to Save Women’s Lives

IV. One Hit Leads to Another: Interpreting the Lautenburg Amendment’s “Physical Force” Requirement … A. Love Is a Battlefield: The Circuit Split … B. Stuck in the Middle with You: The Supreme Court’s Unprecedented Ruling on Domestic Violence … 1. I Knew You Were Trouble: Background and Procedural Posture of United States v. Castleman … 2. You Give Love a Bad Name: The Supreme Court Reverses … 3. Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore: The Two Concurring Opinions

V. Can’t Buy Me Love: An Analysis of Castleman and Suggested Strategies for Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys … A. ’Cause I Like It That Way: Using Judicial Activism to Protest Violence … B. My Knight in Shining Armor Turned Out to Be a Loser in Aluminum: Why Castleman and Pending Legislative Initiatives Will Not Reduce Domestic Violence and Why Education is Critical in the Fight against Domestic Abuse … C. The Heart of the Matter: Strategies for Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys … 1. You Don’t Mess Around with Jim: Prosecutorial Strategies … 2. Not Ready to Make Nice: Defensive Tactics

VI. Conclusion