I. Introduction

II. Placing Cybersecurity in the Critical-Infrastructure Conversation ... A. What Makes Cybersecurity Critical to Critical Infrastructure? ... 1. Superstorm Sandy ... 2. Failure of the Taum Sauk Water Storage Dam … B. PPD-21 and Recognition of Cyber in Critical Infrastructure ... C. PPD-41: Cybersecurity Has Its Day

III. Empowering FEMA in the Age of Cybersecurity ... A. The Stafford Act in Practice ... B. The Stafford Act’s Current Approach to Cybersecurity ... C. Modernizing FEMA and the Stafford Act for a Networked World ... 1. Putting Cyber Incidents in Context by Defining the Incident ... 2. Developing Cyber-Emergency-Preparedness Pacts Through FEMA Grant Funding … 3. Hazard Declarations Must Include Verification of NIST Framework Adoption

IV. Test Case: Hurricane Zoe Strikes Gulf of Mexico ... A. Applying the Modified Stafford Act to the Hypothetical Hurricane Zoe ... B. Loss of Network Communications Between Southeast Texas Refineries, West Texas, and Electric Utilities ... C. Cyber Attacks During Ensuing Hurricane Zoe Emergency Response

V. Conclusion