Article Title

After Sex


I. Introduction

II. After Sex as a Reproductive Form ... A. The Future of Sexless Reproduction ... 1. The Technology of Sexless Reproduction ... 2. The Social and Legal Shifts Favoring Sexless Reproduction ... B. The Promise of Sexless Reproduction

III. The Persistence of Sex as a Reproductive Norm: Sexual Supremacy ... A. Sexual Supremacy Defined and the Marital Supremacy Analogy ... 1. Sexual Supremacy Defined ... 2. The Marital Supremacy Analogy ... B. Sexual Supremacy and Contemporary ART Law ... 1. The Sexual Family: Surrogacy and Gamete Donor Anonymity ... 2. The Sexual Procreative Process: Designer Children

IV. After Sex Reconsidered

V. After Sex Reimagined ... A. Sexual Supremacy Unconstitutionally Privileges Heterosexual Procreation ... B. Sexual Supremacy Incorrectly Assumes that Non-Sexual Procreation Is a Non-Fundamental Right

VI. Conclusion