I. Introduction

II. Strict Liability and Negligence in the Law of Accidents ... A. Unilateral Accidents: Care and Activity Levels ... B. Bilateral Accidents: Care and Activity Levels ... C. The Challenges of Regulating Levels of Activity

III. Strict Liability and Negligence in Copyright ... A. The Case for Strict Liability in Copyright Law: Generating Authorial Incentives ... B. The Case for Negligence in Copyright Law: Fair Use as Regulation of Activity Levels

IV. Legal Nature of Fair Use as a Negligence Standard ... A. Why Combine Strict Liability with Negligence? ... B. Further Reasons Behind the Choice of the Test ... C. Copyright’s Rule of Reason ... D. A Multifactorial Test: The Role of the Four Factors ... E. Administrating the Multifactorial Test ... F. Copyright Infringement as a Bilateral Accident: When the Rights Holder Has an Incentive to Exercise Due Care

V. Case Law Analysis ... A. Institutional Photocopying ... B. Comment and Criticism ... C. News Reporting ... D. Private/Personal Uses … E. Appropriation Art ... F. Uses Facilitating the Access to Information

VI. Conclusion