Financial sustainability awaits agile, future-focused legal education programs that deliver students with market-valued, cost-effective, and omnichannel knowledge and skills development solutions. Shifting from an atom-based, traditional law school mindset to a platform-based, human-artificial intelligence (AI) integrated education system requires vision, planning, and drive. Bold and determined leaders will invent the future of legal education. To do this, they will (1) edit the law school’s DNA to focus on delivering customer satisfactions, (2) build vibrant multidisciplinary ecosystems focused on cultivating modern education services, (3) embrace emerging digital technologies, and (4) seize new marketplace opportunities to diversify revenue streams—thereby enhancing program solvency and relevance.

I. Introduction: Satisfied Customers Key to Sustainable Growth

II. Assessing the Law School Landscape

III. Getting Back to the Basics ... A. Customer-Focused Program Reinvention ... 1. What Is Your Business? ... 2. Who Are Your Customers? … 3. What Do Your Customers Want? ... 4. What Is Value and How Do You Add Value? ... B. Physical and Digital Convergence of Education ... C. Friction Audits and Resolving “Pain Points” ... 1. Friction Audit: Students ... 2. Friction Audit: Employers, Practitioners, and Community Professionals ... D. Modernizing Legal Education to Deliver Customer Satisfactions

IV. Building an Innovation Ecosystem ... A. Ecosystems: An Explainer ... B. Theories of Innovation ... 1. Recombinant (Combinatorial) Innovation ... 2. Disruptive Innovation ... 3. Value Innovation ... 4. Open Innovation ... 5. Breakthrough/Revolutionary versus Incremental/Evolutionary Innovations ... C. Innovation in the Digital Age ... 1. Bits, Atoms, and Moore’s Law ... 2. Information Over Instinct ... 3. Agile and Lean Startup Methodologies ... 4. Basic Tools: Prototypes and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) ... D. Resistance to Innovation ... E. Innovation Triumvirate: Visionary, Thinker-planner, and Driver

V. Conclusions