In the decades ahead, innovative and status quo–breaking law schools will leverage and combine multidisciplinary, multigenerational human expertise with digital platform and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to create vibrant legal education ecosystems. These combinations will deliver market-valued knowledge and skill transfer and development services that are high-quality, cost-effective, omnichannel, pedagogically sound, data-validated, personalized, on-demand or just-in-time, and multiformat (e.g., hybrid, HyFlex, digitalfirst, digital-live, etc.).

Modern business models (e.g., platform and open) will provide these future-focused law schools with solid foundations for reimagining legal education. These agile, shape-shifting programs are also likely to discover diverse revenue opportunities by offering complementary services to adjacent markets. Growth opportunities for inventive law schools abound, so long as entrepreneurial program leaders embrace a human-AI integrated future. Simply put, digital and business model innovations represent the only firewalls to obsolescence.

I. Introduction: Platforms Are Eating the World

II. Path Forward: Being Both Human and Digital ... A. Envisioning Innovation Mission Trajectories … B. Aligning Action with Innovation Mission Trajectories ... 1. Step 1: Build Multidisciplinary Digital Innovation Teams ... 2. Step 2: Foster Conditions Where Innovation Can Thrive

III. Designing Education for the Future ... A. Platform-Based Education ... 1. From Pipeline to Platforms: Business Model ... 2. From Pipeline to Platforms: Teaching and Learning ... 3. Platform Potential: Enhance Program Visibility and Increase Market Share ... 4. Platform Design: Open versus Closed ... B. Data and Metrics ... 1. Data and Learning Metrics: Students and Teachers ... 2. Data and Innovation Metrics: Program and Platforms ... C. Pricing Models, Strategic Cannibalization, and Cost Containment ... 1. Pricing Models and Strategic Cannibalization … 2. Cost Containment and Process Efficiencies ... D. Current Offerings and Room for Growth ... 1. MOOCs: Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with Promise ... 2. Future of Education: Human Expertise United with Omnichannel Platforms and AI

IV. Planning and Moving Forward ... A. Innovation Frameworks ... 1. 70/20/10 ... 2. Three Horizons ... B. Moving Forward ... 1. Day 1 Mindset Shift ... 2. Organizational Shift: Being Both Human and Digital ... 3. OKRs: A Brief Introduction to an Effective and Coherent Transformation Management System … C. Sample Plans

V. Conclusions

Appendix I: T-Shaped Skills for Knowledge Professionals

Appendix II: Multimedia Resources

Appendix III: Glossary of Key Terms