People of Color in Predominantly White Institutions


Date of this Version

November 2005


This presentation will demonstrate how the striving and struggle for “equality” by non-white students (Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics, and other groups) in predominantly white educational institutions have not achieved “equality” when they graduate. They have acquired an “equivalent” rank of “as if equal” non-white elite in a non-white world separate (de facto) and unequal that is an imitation of the white world. The socioeconomic hierarchy is an abstract, powerless dependent world in a colony-like state. The power that they have serves the white powerful ruling white group more than it serves the nonwhite community. The relationship between the white ruling group and the elitist non-white group is still dependent and parasited symbiotic. The non-whites have abstract privilege but no built entitlements. Their socioeconomic hierarchy is analogous to the imperial dependency as that exists in the Third World.